5 Signs That You are Personally Ready for Marriage in Quebec According to Notaries


Are you ready for marriage in Quebec? There are some things to consider when it comes to being ready for that ultimate level of commitment, and notaries are generally good at helping you make that determination. Notaries are not marriage counselors, but they work with couples on formalities and get to know them on a more personal level. They hear their stories as they get ready to officiate for their wedding, and they learn a lot about them both separately and together.


So what do notaries look for to see if you’re ready for marriage in Quebec? Here are five signs they’re watching out for as they get to know you.


1. You Are Committed for Life, and Want to Spend the Rest of Your Lives Together

Being truly committed to each other is very important, and when a notary works with you for a while they can see whether that level of commitment is shared between you and your future spouse. The deep desire to spend your lives together can carry you through a lot of trials and hardships that your marriage could face, along with all the good times you’re sure to experience.

2. You Are Doing It Out of Love, Not by Force or Convenience

No one should feel forced to get married or do it because it’s convenient. There should be true love and commitment, and no chance of coercion or related types of issues. If a notary thinks that someone is being coerced into marriage, or that you’re only getting married because it’s easier financially or for other reasons that don’t really involve love, they may think you aren’t actually ready for marriage at that time.

3. You Support Each Other’s Life Goals

The life goals that both of you have are very important. Some of them surely relate to the things you want to do together, but there may also be personal and professional goals that you want to achieve individually. If that’s the case, the person you’re about to marry should be supportive of those goals. If they aren’t, that’s something to seriously consider.

4. Your Family and Friends Support Your Decision

If some of your family, friends, or other significant people in your life are against your marriage, it’s important to think about why that’s the case. There may be logical reasons that they don’t feel you should get married to a particular person. Or maybe they don’t think you should be getting married at this time in your life at all. There are a lot of reasons a family might object, and understanding those reasons matters.

5. You Have the Same Views on How Married Life Should Be

When you’re about to join your life to someone else, you need to be on the same page with how you want things to be. If one of you is looking for a big family and the other isn’t, you might not be as compatible as you think. The same is true with differences of opinion about in-laws, who handles the money, where to live, and other important factors. Think carefully about that, and talk it over with one another and the notary, before making a final decision.