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5 Steps to Buying Your First Condo in Montreal as a 2019 New Year Resolution
There are a lot of New Year's resolutions out there for 2019, and for many people one of those resolutions[...]
How Pursuing a Business Opportunity in Montreal Will Help You Achieve 8 New Year Resolutions in 2019
There are all kinds of ways to achieve New Year's resolutions, and if you want to focus on making your[...]
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Marriage in Quebec
The decision to get married is momentous. There are a lot of small and large things that can change during[...]
5 Signs That You are Personally Ready for Marriage in Quebec According to Notaries
Are you ready for marriage in Quebec? There are some things to consider when it comes to being ready for[...]
What is it Like to Have a Notary Officiate Your Marriage in Quebec?
For couples interested in marriage in Quebec, there is always the option of having a notary officiate the ceremony. This[...]
What You Should Know About the Legal Formalities Before, During, and After Your Marriage in Quebec  
Whether you’re planning an all-out gala or a small, simple event, your wedding day will be one of the most[...]
4 Legal Preparations for a Marriage or Civil Union in Quebec
As a Quebec couple interested in getting married, you must fulfill several obligations before you can legally walk down the[...]
Getting Married in Quebec: Courthouse or Notary?
If you're planning on getting married in Quebec, you have several options: two of which include at the courthouse or[...]
4 Steps to Incorporate Your Business Correctly in Quebec
Ready to open a business or take your proprietorship to the next level? Incorporating your business is an exciting milestone.[...]
5 Signs that You Should Register Your Side Business in Quebec
As an accomplished professional, you wear multiple hats: full-time employee and entrepreneur. Your side business is thriving and you're eager[...]
As a Young Professional, Should I Register for a GST and QST Number When I Start My New Business?  
Starting up a new business in Quebec can be an exciting time. The area is full of opportunity, and you[...]
4 Reasons when Partnership is More Beneficial than Sole Proprietorship for Young Professionals in Quebec
Thinking of launching a sole proprietorship in Quebec? As a young professional intent on entrepreneurism, this seems like a natural[...]
3 Sole Proprietorship Misconceptions that Can Affect Young Professionals in Quebec
One of the most important steps in the early days of starting a business is choosing the right business structure.[...]
2 Advantages of Sole Proprietorship VS Incorporation in Quebec for Young Professionals
If you're a young professional just beginning to dip your toe into the world of entrepreneurship, you may assume you[...]
Who to See First when Shopping for a Condo for Sale in Montreal? A Notary, Real Estate Broker or Bank?
Many who are considering buying a condo far sale in Montreal may assume the bank should be their first stop,[...]
3 Opportunity Costs of Buying a Griffintown Condo for Young Professionals
If you're a young professional just setting out on your own, you may be excited at the prospect of buying[...]
Can You Pass this 3-Question Condo Test to Buy One for Sale in Montreal? 
In a competitive real estate market, a condo seems like the perfect place to call home. The right property offers[...]
5 Best Practices When Looking for Griffintown Condos
Quebec's population and population growth rate both continue to increase, and with more than half of the province's citizens residing in[...]
5 Reasons to Consult a Notary Before Shopping for a Griffintown Condo  
With its easy access to downtown and affordable prices in neighbourhoods, such as  Griffintown, is one of the hottest real[...]

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